UpVision makes up a platform focused on use of business-grade unmanned aerial systems in conjunction with IT enablers in order to provide professional services and solutions ranging from enterprise applications, innovative products for film and marketing to research and development of UAS technology complements.

UpVision is built on the basis of long-term experience with technology and develops cooperation with commercial subjects as well as academic and research institutions to materialise potential of UAS technology across multiple industry domains.

Their team comprises professionals with hands-on experience covering disciplines such as UAS, photogrammetry, GIS, photography in companies like Gefos, Geodis or Eurosense. 

Agentfly Technologies is a technology and research company specialized in using artificial intelligence for simulation and control of unmanned aerial systems and simulation of air traffic management. 

Their focus is on a higher level of flight automation, which outperforms humans in terms of speed, precision, and repeatability. To reach a fully autonomous UAS, we have developed various algorithms for trajectory planning in complex environments, conflict detection and resolution, team action planning, and data fusion of multiple sensors. 

The company provides tailored turnkey solutions for individual customers by design, development, and integration of hardware platforms, on-board sensors, payload, autopilots, and advanced software algorithms. Technology is deployed to fixed-wing and rotary aircraft to perform a wide range of tasks, e.g. security applications, data acquisitions, industrial inspections, or multiple UAS control.

Eagle.One is autonomous drone hunter with on-board AI capable of safe elimination of unauthorised aerial systems using top technology, combined with neural networks and software for estimation of the target's movement.

It offers a full seamless integration with DeDrone defence system. Whenever an intruder is detected, Eagle.One will automatically eliminate the threat. No human interaction required.

The software offers REST API integration and can therefore be easily integrated into any system. Thanks to the mobile application, Eagle.One can be used as a stand-alone unit.

All that is needed is to point a phone in the area where the intruder was detected. As soon as Eagle.One detects the intruder, it takes over and eliminates the threat autonomously.

Workswell is a worldwide known innovator in the field of thermographic products for UAV thermal imaging payloads and solutions. 

The main focus and goal of the company is to offer state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras for different kinds of applications in ways where UAV can be helpful for the whole society. 

Typically the Workswell UAV payloads are used for industrial inspections, gas detection, law enforcement, search & rescue, R&D and agricultural. With a brand new patented UAV payload CWSI camera, the first device of its kind designed to map crop stress across large areas, the company would like to globally influence the agricultural standards and increase the effectivity. 

LIAZ is a company developing and manufacturing unmanned helicopters and related interconnected systems and the other specific services and technologies. 

The SkySpotter 150 manufactured by LIAZ is a fully autonomous and independently operating unmanned helicopter. It can access extremely low heights, maximum proximity to objects in space and is able to hover in direct proximity. It also makes it possible to reach hazardous areas which would be unaccessible with a pilot present in the vehicle.